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Partner roles

NewRail Centre for Railway Research, University of Newcastle

NewRail will co-ordinate the SecureMetro project and participate in relevant work packages. NewRail has successfully participated in nearly twenty EC funded projects and has a strong record in project coordination. For SecureMetro the project participation, coordination and steering group organisation will be carried out in the same style and manner as these previously successful projects.


In SecureMetro IFSTTAR will lead WP5A Standards and Exploitation and WP5B Dissemination. This role allows IFSTTAR to put existing contacts and experience to best use in running the Exploitation Groups both for gathering user input and for dissemination, and in preparing contributions to EU standards. IFSTTAR lead EURNEX pole on Safety & Security, and will combine this link with access to ERRAC and other bodies through the project partners. IFSTTAR will also take responsibility for the project website.


Inasmet role in the project is mainly to provide his wide experience in material, systems and testing. The wide range of material studied in Inamset, from ceramics, ballistic materials, composites super alloys, and so one, set a background to build adequate systems and joint with the structure of the train. In the other hand the experience in especial testing, including IED, provides instrumentation and measurement capabilities valuable for the testing and verification of the materials, systems and models. TECNALIA-INAS has the following roles in SECUREMETRO:

  • Scenarios understanding
  • Materials selection and specification for blast and fire mitigation.
  • Armoured materials and joints design and performance for blast mitigation.
  • Experimental test design and development.
  • Instrumentation for the materials, system and model verification.

Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier will contribute counter terrorism performance guidance for rail vehicles to EU Standards and Regulatory Environment.


  • Definition of explosives to be used with further selection of the more suitable ones for project purposes, and amounts needed for test.
  • Selected explosive characterisation data for use in simulations (Shock wave, detonation energies) to give the most realistic parameters possible.
  • Fabrication and supply of selected explosives for testing.
  • Providing use of our factory facilities for testing mock-ups with real explosives.
  • Collaboration in evaluation of test results.

STAM S.r.l

The main role of Stam in the project will be to devise and evaluate safety and security features which will improve metro performance in the blast situations, offering greater security to passengers. This will ensure that the impact on the costs of upgrading the vehicles design to comply with security requirements, and the relevant operational and maintenance procedures are acceptable.

Stam will seek solutions which have adaptability to the likely changes in terrorist threat over rail vehicles, and which contribute to the vehicle in terms of reduced energy consumption, crash worthiness, weight reduction, disabled access, ergonomics, passenger comfort and recyclability.

Because of the multidisciplinary experience of its staff, Stam will also be in charge of the risk analysis, in order to guarantee that the risk induced by terrorist attacks is properly evaluated in the framework of the other hazards affecting the metro vehicles.

Istituto Affari Internazionali

IAI will analyse the terrorist threat scenario in a subway environment, supporting design criteria for mitigation of the highest risk threats. This input will ensure the strategic coherence of the project with the main security policies in Europe, such as “security of the citizen” and the European Strategy for Security.



RATP will express the point of view of an operator in validating the project’s findings, and will express their views on the best system performance for mitigating a terrorist attack.


Spanish Railways Foundation, Research and Studies Department

FFE will undertake modelling of how blast loading can affect train stability for a moving vehicle. FFE has previous experience of rail security issues which will inform their work, and a good understanding of passenger and operator priorities in normal and emergency situations. The modelling outcomes on train stability will be used to feed design work undertaken elsewhere in the project.

Metro Warszawskie

MET will express the point of view of an operator in defining the behaviour required of metro vehicles in emergency situations, and in validating the project’s findings.

Suncove S.A.

SUNCOVE’s role, in the project, is mainly to achieve a safe railway, based in the design of the elements, incorporating materials with new properties and use them for the railway market, incorporating the advantage of the technology, and functionality. Therefore, SUNCOVE, as bodybuilder producer, will be mainly involved in:

  • Identifying the main end user requirements;
  • Identifying the new design and productions requirement;
  • Build the test elements necessary for the practical tests



- Dec. 2011 -

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 234148