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WP3 - Design solutions for fire and firebombs


Design and evaluate vehicle systems and materials to suppress and prevent spread of fire and fumes in the event of a firebomb or fire-setting attack.

Develop innovative ways to meet fire protection of railway vehicles standards prEN 45545 and TS 45545 while also meeting vehicle specifications including open tube vehicle concept for passenger personal attack safety

Develop innovative ways of mitigating the effects of smoke and toxic products.

Lead Participant



  • Technologies for the suppression and mitigation of fire and smoke
    • Inventory of fire suppression and barrier technologies
    • Inventory of fire and smoke detection technologies
    • Inventory of fire retardant materials
  • Decision support for implementing the suppression and mitigation technology
    • Design specification for firebomb resilience
    • Operational & maintenance considerations for modified vehicles
  • Modelling a firebomb attack – local to attack location
    • Rate of spread, and compromise of vehicle structure
  • Modelling a firebomb attack – global vehicle behaviour
    • Analysis of generation and spread of fumes
    • Passenger behaviour in vehicle and nearby platforms
  • Application of fire suppression technologies
  • Development of novel modified surfaces and structures to resist fire attack



- Dec. 2011 -

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 234148