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WP2 - Design solutions for blast


Devise and evaluate safety and security features which will improve metro performance in the blast situations defined in WP1, offering greater security to passengers. Ensure impact on cost, operational and maintenance performance of vehicles is acceptable

Seek solutions which have adaptability to the likely changes in terrorist threat over the 30-40 year life of rail vehicles, and which contribute to the vehicle in terms of reduced energy consumption, crash worthiness, weight reduction, disabled access, ergonomics, passenger comfort and recyclability.

Lead Participant



  • Analysis of blast effects and consequences
    • Analysis of Fragmentation and propulsion
    • Blast reduction of structural integrity
    • Analysis of derailment and collision due to blast
    • Human behaviour in blast situations
  • Design criteria for mitigation of blast effects
    • Criteria for structural integrity
    • Criteria for performance and selection of materials
    • Criteria for vehicle stability and derailment prevention
    • Design criteria for preventing panic and assisting evacuation following blast
  • Critical inventory of new materials and technologies for blast mitigation
    • Materials technologies to meet blast mitigation criteria
    • Joining techniques suitable for linking new and traditional materials
    • Structural design change for blast mitigation criteria
    • Passenger information systems to prevent panic
  • Modelling performance of blast mitigation technologies
    • Vehicle materials and sub-systems
    • Whole vehicle structure
    • Trains stability
  • Design specification



- Dec. 2011 -

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This project has received funding from the European Unionís Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 234148