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WP1 - Scenario Definition


Definition and quantification of the threat from explosion/blast, and from firebomb attacks.
Preliminary assessment of current vehicle performance under these threats
Risk analysis to identify the areas of highest impact for “designing-out” attacks
Definition of desired performance in event of these attacks

Lead Participant



  • Understanding attacks
    • Survey of previous blast attacks on metro systems.
    • Survey of previous firebomb attacks on metro systems.
  • Future threats
  • Risk analysis
    • Develop a risk analysis methodology
    • Gather data on normal operating risks and cost / consequence estimates for these risks
  • Definition of standard attack cases for further modelling
    • Definition of the surrounding infrastructure and location within the system.
    • Definition of the crowding and passenger behaviour within the vehicle and on surrounding platforms for each attack type to be modelled.
    • Definition of the existing/unmodified vehicles to be considered.
    • Definition of the blast and fire location, magnitude, materials used, and characteristics of the attacks
  • Defining the required vehicle performance in attack situations
    • To avoid panic and take charge of the emergency situation, assist evacuation and rescue
    • To minimise damage to surrounding vehicles and infrastructure
    • To minimise danger to passengers on adjacent platforms
    • To assist forensic investigation
    • To minimise blast/shockwave injury, burns or injury from fragmentation of glass and other materials



- Dec. 2011 -

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 234148